Samittar Mini Goat Stud

Above shows my start into milking. Mini Milkers are shorter than the normal heights. A few years ago, I got a great milking stand in a milking shed. I highly recommend both the stand and shed if you are interested in milking. It saves me from the heat and rain.

Normal sized dairy goats give large quantities of milk, unless you have an exceptional Miniature Goat you must realise that with down sizing their breed so to does their udder capacity down size and so only expect to get about a 1lt a day from Mini Milkers. Some will give more but you will defiantly need to milk twice a day and at the same set time. One Doe I had was PP Spook when I sold her she was giving nearly 3lts a day, I have never had one give that much since.

Also realise that most good Mini Milkers will be nearer to the cut off height of Miniature 63cm (25”). I do have some that are smaller that give 1&1/2 litres a day but they are not common. If wanting to breed for milk then you won’t be wanting to down size to small.

If wanting to by a Mini Milker make sure you know you are not going to have the weekend or day off milking as if they are producing milk for you and if you don’t bother milking them they can get very painful udders which may become mastitis fairly quickly, so please consider this before buying. If you do buy a Mini Milker and no longer wish to milk, they can be dried up quite easy by milking at different times than usual, then less, but it does take around 1 week or 2.

Many people buy Mini Milkers and the novelty wears off, but others like me love the milking and having fresh milk on supply.

Mini Milkers are small enough for your back yard or tie up to eat where you want and make wonderful loving pets.

My girls line up to get milked and let me know if I am not on time!