Samittar Mini Goat Stud

I have decided that this page is very important as I get so many people wanting to buy Bottle Babies or adult Miniature Goats, that I really want YOU to quiz yourself!

Goats can be just like kids and demand your attention

To start with, when you put a deposit to hold a Bottle Baby do you know the work and care involved?
Many of these babies I hold back until they are on two feeds a day, around 1&1/2 - 2mths old. Sometimes I let them go sooner if I feel they are ready and your family know about raising bottle anything (you may have raised many young animals).

Do we have the time to bottle feed properly?

If you get Bottle Babies that means you will need to make up fresh bottles each feed to the amount that I tell you, if you put more or less powder it can make them sick. If they get sick I can talk you through it (usually it is very simple) or you can bring it back to me to see if I can fix the situation, but I cannot be held responsible. Some people that don't take my advice think their baby is still hungry so give them more than I recommend. This can be disastrous to these little guys. Please take care of these babies and follow the directions given.

Will we stick to their diets?

Another thing people do is feed them different to what I recommend. This can make their developing stomachs sick. They will need hay as part of their diet while growing and hopefully pellets with vitamins & minerals to keep them healthy. I have had people get lazy and not give these babies hay as they are growing then wonder why they get sick. When they are older, the green grass is fine but not for young babies.

Are we home enough to care for a Bottle Baby? Will it have the company of a safe family pet or other goat?

Know that these babies think of you as their mother. As a mother, you have a responsibility to spend time with them. They would normally follow their mum around the paddock. When I bottle feed here, they are with a group of others and I come and go. They mostly only call for me when they see me or when they are hungry. They stay reasonably quiet as they have the company of the others. If they don't have company, they can be very vocal and this can cause upset for your family and neighbours.

Miniature Goats can live up to 20yrs, so taking one on is like taking a dog into your family - they are not throwaway-pets. They have feelings, just like dogs so it is unfair to love them and pay attention to them then expect them to go live in the paddock with no thought from you, (although if you have company for it in the paddock that would be fine), or have them tied up on a chain the rest of their lives, hoping for a pat.

If buying a Mini Milker there is even more involved, like milking each day, rain, hail or shine. If you don't milk, Does can get infections and all sorts of issues arise. You need to know milking goats don’t stop for the holidays so you will need to make arrangements for them to be milked by someone.

There are probably many other questions you can ask yourself so please do this before buying a Mini Goat. You know you and your family best. I don't like to scare people off but I hold great respect for my animals. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Have you checked with your Local Council if living near neighbours?

If you are buying a Mini Goat for someone do THEY really want it?

Will the novelty wear off and you find you are the only one doing it all? Will you be able to arrange someone to look after your Pets/ Milkers if you go away?

If you feel you are ready to take on one of these wonderful pets e-mail me to either be put on the waiting list or see what is for sale on site.