Why Buy A Miniature Goat?

We obviously adore our miniature creatures but we wanted to give you some honest opinions to why they would suit you and your family.

Why are goats good pets?

*They are very intelligent - they can learn tricks and can even walk on a lead.
*They get on well with other animals (introduce slowly). We have sold goats to families that don't want two dogs but need company for their dog.
*You can tie them up to eat certain areas in your yard.
*They help fertilise the ground in a nice way (It’s scattered and small so you won't step in it!).
*They enjoy life and make you smile.
*They really are wonderful, affectionate pets for children.

Interesting breeding for Genetics

*Miniature Goats breeding is still very much in its infancy stages in Australia.
*Breeding works on a grade system by crossing Bucks with Does, both with the Miniature Goat Gene, until you reach the desired height requirement.
*Gives the whole family an interest and understanding of Genetics.
*There are many different varieties you can breed for: Breed Type, Colour, Coat Type, Eye Colour, and Ear Type. While continuing to reduce heights and breed the perfect conformation.
*Alike dogs, goats can also be bred to use in shows.

Why buy from a Stud?

Automatically you might think the word Stud means expensive, well, if you look around our prices seem to be what the unregistered people are charging for Miniature Goats. Being a Registered Stud, we have records that are available for you to look up. For our own good name, we at Samittar Mini Goat Stud are not going to sell you something that we don't believe is right. Of course with nature we cannot always tell you that a certain animal will most definitely grow to 20", we can estimate, however, we are goat breeders and majority of the time can tell what the animal will grow to.

All you need to do is ask us and we will tell you what we know, we can show you the records of their parents and linage and most times you can meet their Grandmothers, Grandfathers or Siblings from previous kids. We will advise you honestly as to what we truly feel we can tell you about that goat you want.