So, you’re interested in buying a Miniature Goat…

Samittar Mini Goat Stud is expecting the next group of Bottle Babies in early 2019 so be sure to get onto the waiting list now! Scroll down to see what is available.

What is selling now...

  • Adult Friendly Reg or Unreg. Does are ready now for future breeding/milking or just pets.

  • Adult Miniture Bucks (Due to stock reduction)

  • Irish Donkey

  • Samittar Miniature Sheep (Harlequin Mini Meat Sheep, breed for pets)

    Only 1 Ram Lamb for breeding on offer for this season and only 1 ewe to left to lamb. Just like Miniature Goats, Miniature Sheep are sure to take off, quiet and easy to care for pets, no shearing.

  • 12 Adult Damara Sheep

  • Starter herds are available (One buck and two does).

If you email me at, I can send you a full poster with pictures and info of all goats for sale.

As my stock sells fast they usually don’t make it to the website so make sure you are on the waiting list;

Terms and Conditions:

These guys sell fast so it’s the first person back to me with their non–refundable deposit (half of their full price) that will secure the goat.

Seeing as though you’re on this page, I hope that you have read through all the information I have provided throughout the website. Being educated about the goats (babies or adults) before buying is something that I highly encourage. Please don’t rush your decision for this lifelong friend. All babies will only be able to go when I am sure they are drinking well and easy for their new family to feed. Of course you can change their names.

Please be aware I will not let any leave here until they are ready… Most are fine at around 4-5 weeks of age. Once you pick up your baby I will not be held responsible but will be able to advise you about their care. All babies leave here with their personal care information package. Prices can vary due to potential height and type, but all prices are firm.